English Québec Compostelle : Walk your way

Hello English speaking people of the world!

This site is dedicated to the French/Spanish Camino but also many Camino type trails in Québec, Canada.

I have personally walked 1 200 km on the Camino Francès in Spain and many km on the Québec trails.

As a journalist and speaker I give conferences on the subjet.
BEFORE you leave for your walk and BEFORE you go shopping, book a conference with me. Not only will you get all the general information needed but I will also help you choose the right material and save loads of money.

Many shops have the gear, but will equip you for trecking in the woods or mountains and you will waste lots of money. A simple conference, workshop or a weekend walk & workshop will help you get on the right path.

Your options…

  1. Online conference on all the important information for a walk on the Camino or Québec trails

  2. Online workshop on the RIGHT material

  3. Instore shopping  and guidance with a small group

  4. Weekend Walk & Workshop: Live as the Camino – Saturday workshops and Sunday walk

  5. Personalized coaching online, on phone or in person.

Workshops are given online or anywhere you please. We can come to you.

Don’t waste time and money on bad information. Learn from an experienced speaker who will help you fulfill your dream to Walk your way!

Contact me now at 514 912-5815 or pascal.auger@quebeccompostelle.com

Discover all the benefits of the walk.
Québec Compostelle: Walk your way!